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I am Mr. Varma Herbalife Independent Nutrition Distributor Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India. As a Herbalife Independent distributor serving customers in all over Andhra Pradesh, India and Abroad.

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How to Buy Herbalife Products: If you are Searching for Where To Buy Herbalife Products Online. We are the Herbalife Independent Distributor for Herbalife Weight Loss Products, Weight Gain Products and Herbalife Outer Nutrition Products. Check below all the Herbalife Products List for Weight Loss Products, Weight Gain Products and Herbalife Supplements. Herbalife Weight Gain Quick Start and Product Information you can check in this website. If you are looking to Buy Herbalife Products Online check the Below Herbalife Products (Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix, Multivitamin Mineral & Herbal, Personalized Protein Powder, Cell Activator, Activated fiber, Cell U Loss Advanced Tablets, Aloe Plus, DinoShake Chocolicious, Afresh Energy Drink Mix, Herbalifeline, and Herbalife Calcium Tablets).

Buy Herbalife Products with us is very easy. Just Feel Free to Call Us and tell us you’re Required Herbalife Products for Weight Loss, or Weight Gain. We will give you the product information, how to use Herbalife products for weight Loss, and how you will get Products From Us. Ordering Herbalife Products with Us guarantees that you will receive new Herbalife products. Once you confirm the Order, We will give you the Tracking code for your Parcel. Also you will get the weight loss diet chart or weight gain diet chart with this products. It is easy for you to take the Herbalife Products in Right way.

Herbalife Products, Distributor, Dealers, Stores in Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Vizag offering Free Home Delivery to surrounding States of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, India. Herbalife Weight Loss Products List. Herbalife India Distributor. Order Herbalife Products online Hyderabad. Herbalife Distributor serving customers all over India.

Herbalife Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix Products in Vijayawada

Weight Loss Herbalife Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix in India

Herbalife Nutritional Shake Mix (Vanilla, Chocolate, Mango) Recipes Overview:

Herbalife Formula 1 specifically formulated with high quality soy protein isolate, is a nutritional food product for dietary use. Packed with vitamins and minerals along with natural herbs is a ideal balance of protein & nutrition without overloading unnecessary fat and calories.

Herbalife Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix Key Benefits
  • 9 gms Protein In Each Serving
  • 19 Essential Vitamins & Minerals
  • Each Serving Provides 90 Kcals Of Energy
  • Made Of High Quality Soy Protein
  • Herbalife Formula 1 Nutrition Shake Mix Contain In Three Different Flavours Such As Mango,Vanilla And Chocolate
Herbalife Formula 1 Recipes Usage

Simply beat, stir or shake Approximately 25 grams(Approximately 3 tablespoons") Formula 1 with 240ml of water, skimmed milk or juice as per your choice.

Herbalife Formula 1 Fast Facts Review

  • 9 grams Of Healthy Soy Protein In Each Serving.
  • Includes The Antioxidant Vitamins C And E.
  • Create Your Own Shake Recipes By Adding Fresh Fruit.
  • Diets Low In Saturated Fat And Cholesterol That Include 25 Grams Of Soy Protein May Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease.

Herbalife Personalized Protein Powder 200gms Products in Vijayawada

Personalized Protein Powder Herbalife Overview:

How to Buy Herbalife Personalized Protein Powder in India

Get high quality protein to help keep you from getting hungry and assist with good nutrition, fitneess and health goals.

Herbalife Protein Powder Key Benefits

This product helps to build and maintain lean muscle mass, protein supplement to satisfy your hunger. Soy, whey protein and essential amino acids.

Nutrition Facts Details of Herbalife Personalised Protein Powder

Formula 3 includes Soy Protein isolate, Whey protein Concetrate and Starch.

Benefits of Herbalife Formula 3 Protein Powder Usage

Protein supplement helps you feel full and increase metabolism.

Herbalife Afresh Energy Drink Mix Products in Vijayawada

Afresh Herbalife Overview:

Afresh Herbalife Tea Effects

Available in different flavours and enjoy this drink mix hot or cold and also rich in antioxidants.

Afresh Energy Drink Key Benefits
  • Available in 4 flavors
  • Enjoy this hot or cold any time anywhere
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • 0% sugar
  • lemon, peach, elaichi, and ginger.

Herbalife Cell U Loss Products in Vijayawada

Cell U Loss Enhancers Overview

Herbalife Cell U Loss Enhancers

Cell-u-loss Helps Eliminate Excess Body Fluid. Herbal Blend Of Plant-based Nutrients.

Herbalife Cell U Loss Key Benefits
  • Reduces The Appearance Of Unsightly Dimple Skin.
  • Helps Eliminate Excess Body Fluid.
Cell U Loss Herbalife Details

Unique Herbal Blend That Includes Corn Silk, Dandelion, Parsley And Asparagus, Traditionally Used To Eliminate Excess Body Fluid.

Cell U Loss Herbalife Review

For Best Results, It Is Recommended To Have One Capsule Of Cell-u-loss Three Times A Day Along With Your Meals.

Herbalife Cell U Loss Benefits
  • Reduces Water Retention Associated With Normal Tissue Swelling, By Promoting Fluid Loss Through Healthy Elimination Of Water.
  • Supports The Reduction Of Subcutaneous Accumulation Of Water,Which May Improve Appearance Of Skin.
  • Cell-u-loss Assists With Natural Detoxification Processes.

Herbalife DinoShake Chocolicious 200gms Products in Vijayawada

Herbalife Dinoshake Overview

Herbalife DinoShake Healthy Food For Children

Chocolate Flavoured Shake Mix, Provides Essential Proteins And Nutrients.

Herbalife Dinoshake Kids Nutrition Key Benefits
  • Nutrients To Help All Aspects For A Growing Child's Wellness.
Dinoshake Kids Details

Herbalife Dinoshake Is Mainly A Protein Supplement Made From Easily Digestible Milk Protein I.E Whey Protein. It Also Contains Essential Vitamins And Minerals That Is Vital For Growing Children. Herbalife DinoShake Healthy Breakfast For Kids

Dinoshake Herbalife Usage Reviews

Having Formula 3 Is Very Simple. Just Beat, Stir Or Shake 25 G Of Formula 3 With Water, Skimmed Milk Or Juice. You Can Get A Nice Frothy Shake Which Is Smooth, Creamy And Tasty.

Fast Facts of Dinoshake

Children Need More Nutrients Than Adults For Their Growth And Development To Get Your Child To A "smart Start" Include Herbalife Dinoshake As Part Of A Balanced Breakfast. Great To Taste, The Shakes Are Bound To Be Their Favourite Any Day. Dinoshake Is An Easy Way To Ensure That Your Child Gets Protein And Other Essential Nutrients In Their Daily Diet.

Herbalife Cell Activator Products in Vijayawada

New Cell Activator 60 Tablets Overview

Cell Activator Herbalife Nutrient Absorption

Unique blend rich in vital minerals improves nutrient absorption

Cell activator herbalife Key Benefits
  • Powerful antioxidants.
  • Improves nutrient absorption.
  • Enhances vitality and energy.
Cell Activator Herbalife Reviews Details
  • Help support body's absorption of micronutrients.
  • Supports cellular energy production.
  • Contains select botanicals nutrients and powerful antioxidants to support healthy aging.
Cell Activator Usage

Cell Activator works effectively to optimize your cellular energy production when 1 to 3 tablets are consumed three times a day along with meals.

Cell Activator Benefits

Sometimes Just Eating Balanced Meals Does Not Ensure That We Absorb All The Nutrients From It Effectively. For A Variety Of Reasons Like Illness Or Stress, We May Be Unable To Derive All The Nutrients From Our Food, Even When We Eat Balanced Meals Regularly.

Herbalife Herbalifeline Products in Vijayawada

Herbalifeline Overview

Herbalifeline omega 3 fatty acids

This exclusive blend of highly refined marine lipids contains Omega-3 fatty acids, especially eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

Herbalife Herbalifeline Key Benefits

Omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of heart disease and support joint health.

Herbalifeline Herbalife Details

Omega-3 fatty acids help to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system by maintaining cholesterol and triglyceride levels already within normal range.

Herbalife Herbalifeline Omega 3 Usage

Take one softgel, two or three times per day, preferably with a meal.

Herbalifeline Fast Facts
  • Low-reflux formula minimizes fish-oil taste during digestion.
  • Essential oils of thyme, peppermint and clove keep oils fresh and improve digestibility.
  • Includes antioxidant Vitamin E.
  • In softgel form.

Herbalife Calcium Tablets Vijayawada

Herbalife Calcium Tablets Overview

Supplement of Herbalife Calcium Tablets

For bone health and for maintaining bone mass (level of calcium and other minerals in bone), Vitamin D, Magnesium and Calcium go hand in hand, because the Vitamin D and Magnesium must be present for calcium to be absorbed from the digestive tract.

Calcium Plus Herbalife Key Benefits

Helps build strong bones and maintain bone density and healthy teeth.

Calcium Herbalife Details

Herbalife Calcium Tablets is a healthy Calcium supplement formulated with Vitamin D and Magnesium to support strong bones and teeth. The Vitamin D and Magnesium present in Herbalife Calcium Tablets aids the absorption and digestion of calcium and to support healthy aging.

Herbalife Calcium Plus Usage

Take one tablet two times a day with meals as a dietary supplement.

Herbalife Calcium Supplement Fast Facts

Provides optimum absorption of calcium and supports bone health In tablet form.

Herbalife Aloe Plus Products in Vijayawada

Herbalife Aloe Plus Overview

Herbalife Aloe Plus Digestive Health

Aloe vera and other herbs enhances digestion and boosts immunity.

Aloe Plus Key Benefits
  • It helps to gently dispose of toxins accumalated in the body.
  • Gives better absorption of nutrients.
  • Aloe vera and other herbs enhances digestion and boosts immunity.
Aloe Vera Plus Details

The aloe plant contains dozens of beneficial substances,including enzymes and vitamins. Aloe vera, the key ingredient of Aloe Plus is known to facilitate digestion. In addition, it has the ability to gently dispose off the toxins accumulated in our system enabling to absorb benefits from the nutrients.

Aloe Plus Herbalife Usage

It is recommended to have one tablet of Aloe Plus twice a day for long term good health.

Aloe Plus Fast Facts

Aloe plus combines the goodness of aloe with ingredients like Fo-Ti Root powder which is an immune booster. Tamarind is subject to reduce fever helps as laxative and antiseptic.

Herbalife Multivitamin Mineral and Herbal Tablets Products in Vijayawada

Herbalife Multivitamin Overview

How To Improve Immune System with Herbalife Multivitamin

Essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, supports your immune system.

Multivitamin Key Benefits

Provides a unique blend of 23 essential vitamins, minerals & herbs.

Herbalife Multivitamin Complex Review Details
  • Provides essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to the body for everyday good health and vitality.
  • Supports your immune system.
  • Supports healthy weight management by complimenting the nutrition available in Formula 1.
Herbalife Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex Usage

One tablet of Formula 2 should be consumed three times a day along with your meals.

Herbalife Multivitamin Ingredients Fast Facts

A daily vitamin – mineral supplement provides the best for your wellness goals. Opt for one that includes a variety of vitamins and minerals as opposed to single nutrient pills, as all nutrients work as a TEAM and excess of some nutrients, in particular Vitamin A and iron, can be toxic and affect the body's ability to stay healthy and function well. For better absorption it is also advisable to take 2 to 3 multivitamin mineral pills instead of a single pill daily and to take the pills with meals.

Herbalife Herbalife Activated Fiber Tablets Products in Vijayawada

Activated Fiber Overview

Herbalife Activated Fiber Tablets It's Helps improve digestion

Product with adequate dietary fiber is essential for good health. Helps to improve digestion.

Herbalife activated fiber tablets Key Benefits
  • It includes citrus and oat to increase your fiber intake.
  • Helps improve digestion.
Activated fiber Details

Adequate dietary fibre is essential for good health. In addition to help curb appetite, a high-fibre diet may support weight reduction by helping maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Activated Fiber Herbalife Usage

Take one or two tablets of Activated Fibre with a full glass of liquid with each of your three meals to get the best results.

Activated Fiber Fast Facts

Activated Fibre tablets, a blend of dietary fibre's including citrus and oat, are a convenient way to increase your intake of healthy fibre daily. It is a combination of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre's that helps curb appetite by providing a feeling of fullness and reducing the indulgence to over eat.

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