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Herbalife Calcium Tablets

Herbalife Calcium Tablets Overview

Supplement of Herbalife Calcium Tablets

For bone health and for maintaining bone mass (level of calcium and other minerals in bone), Vitamin D, Magnesium and Calcium go hand in hand, because the Vitamin D and Magnesium must be present for calcium to be absorbed from the digestive tract.

Calcium Plus Herbalife Key Benefits

Helps build strong bones and maintain bone density and healthy teeth.

Calcium Herbalife Details

Herbalife Calcium Tablets is a healthy Calcium supplement formulated with Vitamin D and Magnesium to support strong bones and teeth. The Vitamin D and Magnesium present in Herbalife Calcium Tablets aids the absorption and digestion of calcium and to support healthy aging.

Herbalife Calcium Plus Usage

Take one tablet two times a day with meals as a dietary supplement.

Herbalife Calcium Supplement Fast Facts

Provides optimum absorption of calcium and supports bone health In tablet form.

Herbalife products are only nutritional food supplements. These products are not intended to treat, cure or mitigate any specific diseases, disorders, or condition. Anyone with a medical condition should consult their physician with regard to the suitability of the said nutritional food supplements.